Video of the Week – The Leadership Gift

Leadership Is a Gift Given by Those Who Follow

Some of you may recognize this video, as I posted it to a few LinkedIn groups about a month ago.  I wanted to re-post it here, as I now have an expanded audience to view it.  This video is quite inspirational, and it may very well be one of the finest lectures you will ever see.  I encourage you to watch the entire 50+ minute video; the message is strong, moving and stimulating.  This is a speach by General Mark Welsh, Commander of U.S. Air Forces in Europe, to the Cadets of the United States Air Force Academy on November 1, 2011.  General Welsh is discussing with the Cadets where they will be, and what they will become as Air Force officers, when they graduate from the Academy.  Although it is a lecture at a military academy on the topic of leadership in the profession of arms, the premise of the lecture is universal to anyone who leads in any walk of life, and within any organization or institution.  Leadership as an act of service.  As the General says, “Leadership is a gift. It’s given by those who follow. You have to be worthy of it.”

In summary, General Welsh discusses the following:

1) Know your organization’s heritage; learn something about who your organization is, and who you are.

2) Ask yourself why your doing what you are doing, and why you are doing it for the company/organization you are doing it for; somebody has to be good at what you do – you better be good at it.

3) Things are going to change.  The economy is going to change; politics are going to change; technology is going to change; the competion/enemy will change.  We may have to change with it.  But, who we are will not change.  The faces and names may change within an organization, but the organization’s overall purpose/mission will not change.

4) Companies and organizations hire people to commit themselves to a certain mission and values.  The company expects those people to be successful.

5) Everyone in an organization is expected to make a difference.  The leader – manager – officer’s job is to lead them towards success.

The Expectations of a Leader –

1) Credibility – Be Credible.  If you say it, mean it.  You better do what you say you will do.

2) Pay attention to detail.  Little things can make the difference between success and failure.

3) Be ready to make decisions.

4) If you don’t know your people, you can’t lead them.  Every person has a story; get to know who your people are.

5) Don’t leave your people down.

6) Be committed to your profession.


Copyright © Dale R. Wilson

2 Responses to “Video of the Week – The Leadership Gift”

  1. Wonderful – simply wonderful.
    An amazing man who can tell it well – really inspiring!


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