Professional Reading is Essential – An Introduction

Reading Lists and the Development of a Reading Program

Leadership reading programs exist across all branches of the military, and among many commands.  They are developed to encourage a life-long habit of reading and learning among all military and civilian personnel.  The books included in these collections provide readers with a deeper understanding and appreciation for military heritage, the profession of arms, and the complex modern world in which we operate.  The many books on these reading lists are thought-provoking, and provide a useful course of independent study in the origin of the profession of arms, valuable leadership techniques, the use of our critical thinking abilities, and our Armed Forces and their history.

The Pentagon’s library of current reading lists is a compilation of links to reading lists from each of the branches of the military, as well as a few Department of Defense sectors.  Each list is quite comprehensive.  Members of the military, the civilians who work in the Department of Defense, and anyone with the aspiration to expand their knowledge, with a thirst for learning, should consider using these lists as a springboard for additional reading and study.  Doing so will sharpen their intellects while preparing for their next level of responsibility.  Ultimately, professional reading lists of any kind, for any organization, in any walk of life, are a pillar for leadership development efforts.  Translating written words into sound decision-making, and relating what is read to what is actually done, becomes essential.

I encourage you to compile a list of your own recommended readings (books, articles, online e-books, etc.) that you have read, or have the ambition to read; I will do the same.  Then, once we have put our reading lists together, please post them as comments to this blog discussion, and share your reading list.  As contributors comment and share their recommended readings, We will discuss them together in the ‘Reading Room,’ set as a topic category of this blog.  In this category, and throughout the existence of this blog, we will go into much more detail about our recommended reading lists.  We will expand on what we are learning from what we are reading.  This will add a very interesting and beneficial dimension to this blog, as it will allow us to bring our various thoughts, ideas and knowledge to a unique forum within the Command Performance Leadership blog.

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3 Responses to “Professional Reading is Essential – An Introduction”

  1. Outstanding idea Dale. Leaders are Readers. Personally, I have benefitted greatly from my professional reading over the years. Reading the right books, then digesting,integrating with what I already know at that point, and then implementing, has been a very valuable discipline for me.


    • missioncommandleadership Says:

      Great idea Dale his would be a great forum once it gets going. It has been done on LinkedIn a few times in other groups, however the ‘reading room’ learning could be a great resource


  2. […] Professional Reading is Essential – An Introduction ( […]


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