Naval Leadership – Voices of Experience

edited by Karel Montor
This is an extensive, 546 page compilation of essays, commentaries and articles offered by Naval and Marine Corps leadership of both the United States and NATO Allies.  It is the primary resource for instructors at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, to teach leadership; particularly leadership in the naval service.  It covers topics such as the parameters of leadership & management, the responsibilities and qualities of leadership, planning for mission accomplishment, directing and coordinating operations, effective communication, personnel support & discipline, and asset management.  Additionally, it is a book that discusses responsibility, accountability, good order, discipline, integrity, planning, organizing, directing, controlling, self-discipline, loyalty, as well as other basic attributes required to lead people and organizations. 
Although it is a military-oriented text, the parallels to the business world are clear and understandable.  It is more a leadership guide for anyone, both in military and corporate environments, who are in a position to lead, and those who aspire to.  One would come away from this read with a definitive set of core values to successfully lead in their respective professions, both military and civilian.
A very good review of this book was posted on  It reads as follows:
This book is compiled with the premise that leaders are trained and made, not born, and offers a wealth of advice from successful naval officers about the principles and practices of good naval leadership. The compartmentalization between specific leadership skills/qualities/practices is somewhat artificial, for leadership is a holistic enterprise, but such an organized format allows the reader to read at his own pace and begin reading from any section that interests him. This book is not about sequential mastery, but serves as a reference and resource. It is great for junior officers who want to imbibe the ideals of leadership, and would benefit hardened naval veterans who desire a return to leadership first principles and rejuvenate their professional outlook.[i]_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
This was one of the books I listed in last week’s “The Development of a Reading Program,” and is the first book I will read from my 2012 reading list.  I encourage you to go online to order a copy for yourself and add it to your library.
If you are interested in learning more about this book, and would like to acquire it, please visit this link at
 Copyright © Dale R. Wilson

[i] “ Reviews: Naval Leadership: Voices of Experience.”  Accessed 19 December 2011.

2 Responses to “Naval Leadership – Voices of Experience”

  1. In All Honesty, Sir…
    …I LOVED The Navy.
    It was My “Superiors” that TOTALLY Destroyed It All For Me.
    Small Minds With BIG AUTHORITY is ALWAYS a Disastrous Combination.
    Oh Well…
    …what’s Passed is Past, and MUST BE Accepted AND Learned From.
    Remember Ben Franklin? Those Who Do Not Learn From History Are Doomed To Repeat It.
    So Very Very True, Sir.

    Good Entry.
    Got My Attention.


    • It’s a shame that your Navy experience was impacted by poor leadership. Unfortunately, there are a few ego-driven officers and NCO’s who think they can bully their way to better performance of their team. Fear and intimidation are not discussed in this book. I am glad that you have risen above your experience in the Navy. Please keep following this blog to see what real leadership is all about.


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