BookLink ~ An Introduction to the Leadership Reading Series

Today, I am introducing a new feature that will provide you the opportunity to have direct and complete access to military-oriented leadership books, pamphlets, field manuals, and other resources of information.  BookLink will be a weekly “book club” where I will provide you a link to the full text of a book, and together we will read and discuss its content.  With the rapid growth in e-book popularity, and the ever-increasing availability of books and literature online (in some cases for free), I saw BookLink as a logical forum for delivering valuable information and knowledge, as well as the opportunity of sharing together what we learn from the books and manuscripts I will be presenting.

Next Monday, January 23, I will begin the BookLink Leadership Reading Series with The U.S. Army Leadership Field Manual.  Then, for the four weeks that follow, like a book-of-the-month club, we will read prescribed sections of the text and then discuss them here.  I hope you will join me for this invaluable reader’s journey to increased knowledge and leadership wisdom.

The BookLink Leadership Reading Series schedule is as follows:

January 23, 30, February 6, 13, and 20 – The U.S. Army Leadership Field Manual – By The United States Army

February 27, March 5, 12, 19 and 26 – Leadership Lessons of the Navy Seals – By Jeff Cannon and Lieutenant Commander Jon Cannon

April 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30 – Leading Marines – By The United States Marine Corps


This blog was created to be an informative and interactive source dedicated to the discussion of military and corporate leadership competencies, as well as principled values, virtues and wisdom, to guide military and business professionals to victory.  It is intended to tie experiences and knowledge from military leadership to its application in a corporate environment.  My goal with this blog is to discuss the synergies between military and corporate leadership and management, and to attract people who come from both the military and civilian worlds to offer their experience and knowledge about fundamental leadership skills.

This concept for a blog has been quite successful.  In fact, on, it is the only blog exclusively dedicated to discussing military leadership.  In just over a month, this blog has attracted nearly 1,000 people from around the World, and many walks of life; both military and civilian.  In the early stages of this blog, it was important for me to establish a criterion that delivered military leadership concepts that can easily be translated to corporate leadership and management situations, circumstances and scenarios.

For example, I have introduced the Video of the Week series, which is delivering inspirational, educational and informative lecture-oriented or motivational videos.  I have laid the foundation of leadership fundamentals by discussing the qualities of a leader, the qualities that lead to success, core values, and the eleven principles of leadership.  I have also emphasized the importance of developing a regular reading regimen, and have used this blog to encourage that you develop your own professional reading program.  Professional reading is essential, as a life-long habit of reading expands one’s sphere of knowledge, and is an integral and fundamental part of one’s continued education that will improve skills and wisdom.

I am extremely proud of the success Command Performance Leadership has experienced.  Thanks to all of you who have frequently visited this blog to learn and participate.  I sincerely hope that I will continue to post content that will remain fresh and interesting to all of you.


Dale R. Wilson

Copyright © Dale R. Wilson

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