Status Quo vs. Organizational Change

“People naturally prefer to cling to established ways of doing things. Change is hard. Large organizations especially favor practices they have already mastered, even if those practices, fashioned decades before, are outdated…Yet the resistance to change remained…more often than not I heard from senior officials: ‘Don’t change anything. Everything is fine.’ “


Source –
Rumsfeld, Donald. Known and Unknown: A Memoir. New York: Sentinel, 2011. Print. pp. 294-295.

2 Responses to “Status Quo vs. Organizational Change”

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  2. Dale, I have to agree with your comment. Change is hard because our brains are designed to carve out grooves that helps us to remember, and develop patterns of thinking, working, and performing. This can be progressively beneficial if we are on the right track. People must be shown why change is essential. We must begin to develop the mindset that change is not only good, but necessary for constant improvement. This will only work if we are successful in getting people to commit wholeheartedly to change.


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