13 Characteristics Of Bad Bosses

Adapted from an article on Aol Jobs via http://jobs.aol.com/

By Matthew Carpenter-Arevalo – Posted April 16, 2012

If you’re a manager, you’ve probably experienced the sensation of people not liking you — but does that mean you are a bad boss? Not necessarily.

Your goal, after all, is to implement the company’s vision on the front-lines of the battle. If you’re going to be, as one famous manager once quipped, “The Decider,” people will resent you, no doubt. But as a boss you also have to do your job, and we all know that sometimes means doing things your subordinates don’t like.

So let us help you out. Here are 13 ways of knowing whether you’re a bad boss:

1. People are afraid of you

2. You micromanage

3. Stress controls you; you don’t control stress

4. You create real and perceived distance between yourself and your team

5. You’re unavailable

6. You don’t know your reports

7. You have no investment your reports’ futures

8. You manage down more than you manage up

9. You don’t deliver tough messages

10. You throw others under the bus

11. You don’t read about management

12. You genuinely seek feedback

13. You eschew vulnerability

The question now becomes what type of manager are you?

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9 Responses to “13 Characteristics Of Bad Bosses”

  1. David Navarre Says:

    Recently worked for a guy who had most of those characteristics. If he spoke to me at all during a month, it was highly unusual. Basically, #3 to #10. Thank goodness I don’t work THERE any more!


    • And you would think that people like that would experience the cliche, ‘what goes around comes around.’ But, it doesn’t seem to with people like that. But, don’t dare be the same way, or else you will be slapped down to size. How come it wouldn’t work for us, but it seems to fly freely with people like that?


      • David Navarre Says:

        Though it is possible that the system will catch up to them, I’ve said to a few people that the worst thing that could happen to this guy is that he has to himself the rest of his life.


      • David Navarre Says:

        Meant to finish that post “he has to BE himself the rest of his life”.


  2. I have to say that I’ve been pretty lucky when it comes to bosses. Most have been more like mentors who wanted me to succeed and expected ,e to do the same with those I supervised and trained. It’s a practice I took to early in my Navy career and I suppose the reason I took the jobs I did is because sumliminally I picked up on those traits in others during my interviews. Either that or I’ve just been very lucky.

    Thanks a million for another very interesting and helpful post. Best wishes, as always, Dale.


  3. […] background-position: 50% 0px ; background-color:#222222; background-repeat : no-repeat; } commandperformanceleadership.wordpress.com – Today, 8:04 […]


  4. Quite agree. Also I think a bad boss does not help you achieve your goals and does not help remove the obstacles that you may be facing. However did not understand point no. 12. A good boss should genuinely seek feedback. Is it not?


    • Thank you for your comment. I went back to the article to look at #12, and I think the context is written inaccurately by the author. #12 does encourage seeking and accepting feedback, as it is vital to know what your people think, and how they might suggest bettering a situation.



  5. Quite agree. Bad bosses also do not support the process of achieving your goals. They are not supporting and would rather see you fail than succeed. However did not understand point no. 12. Good bosses seek feedback, and bad bosses shun feedback.


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