Don’t Miss Your Life

I seldom want to deviate from the true premise of this blog, but I came across a song that I must share with you.  It’s a song in the spirit of other songs like, “Cats In the Cradle” written by Harry Chapin and a version sung by Cat Stevens, and Bob Carlisle’s, “Butterfly Kisses.”

The title of this post and the song itself say a lot.  When you view the video, read the words and take in the message of Phil Vassar’s song, “Don’t Miss Your Life,” you’ll begin to think about your own life; past, present and future; especially, if you have children young or old.

The Message: Don’t miss a minute of your life…your family’s life…your friend’s life.  STOP ~ enjoy ~ savor ~ fulfill ~ experience LIFE.  I am certain that you are missing more than you think.  I know I am.  There is much to take away from this song, and I hope whatever you take away is put to good and loving use.

Please enjoy Phil Vassar’s “Don’t Miss Your Life”

6 Responses to “Don’t Miss Your Life”

  1. kmabarrett Says:

    Awsome. And thanks for the tip on Butterfly Kisses. I’ll have to play it for my two daughters. Now I’ve gotta go… I’m missing some life!


  2. Hi Dale, I always enjoy your blogs…none more than this one. I have three daughters under 10 and always try, but sometimes struggle to find the ‘right balance’. Butterfly Kisses has been a family favourite of ours for many years however I had never seen or heard ‘Don’t Miss Your Life’. I just listened to it with my eldest, Maddy and don’t mind admitting I shed a tear. Maddy gave me a hug and said she was proud of me!!…as I am of all my family. Thanks for sharing…I too am now off to play with my girls. Steve


  3. Dale,

    It’s a critical element of good leadership, is it not? There’s a closely related topic to which we refer often with our client groups: Passion.

    The quick ‘n dirty of it is that high-performance teams thrive on fuels such as devotion, love, and passion more so than duty, obligation, or resposibility. And good leaders are seeking ways to fuel and ignite passion from people.

    Often, when I’m asked to come in and speak with a graduating class of business school folks in a Leadership class, I do two things…sometimes I go in wearing sandals, shorts, and “island formal”…to dismantle misconceptions about what leadership is, where it presides, and what it’s all about…and, two, I ask a question: you guys are about to graduate. Congratulations on an outstanding accomplishment. Now, how many of you are going into what you’re passionate about?”

    Two hands out of 30.

    “How many of you have a passion or know what your passion is?”

    Maybe one or two more hands.

    “Does it make sense that we ask of other people things that we do not live up to ourselves?”

    Now, of course, I point out that life is full of necessary actions…taking a paying job. But the question is whether that is the end-game, or is it a one step toward an objective?

    We must live what we preach. And living “strong” has everything to do with the 14 traits of leadership. Good leaders live it and show it.


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