My Blog Is For The Birds

Well, not really…well, maybe…sort of.  Let me explain.

I have taken the plunge into the Twitter bird bath; TWEET, TWEET!!!  I promised myself that I wouldn’t say anything stupid.  Social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, never really appealed to me, and I said that I would never have a Facebook page; and, I still don’t…and, probably won’t.  I even joked about Twitter saying, “who wants to know if I just got out of the shower or mowed the grass?”  In fact, there was a time when I only dreamed of having a blog on the internet.

I am on LinkedIn, as many professionals are.  I joined LinkedIn over two years ago, when I knew that I was going to lose my job with a national vending, office coffee and business dining company, to post my resume, career highlights and accomplishments.  I use LinkedIn for the benefits of networking with some very interesting people.  I used to limit my connections to only people I knew.  But, that’s what Facebook would be for; a friends network.  Now that I am unemployed once again, and I have come to realize and appreciate the value of networking, I not only connect with people I know and have worked with and for, but I have connected with people who follow this blog, human resource recruiters, entrepreneurs, executives and others; all connections for various reasons.  In future posts, we’ll discuss networking and its enormous importance and its significance in our professional and personal lives.

My online social presence has evolved from nothing, to having a LinkedIn professional profile & network, a WordPress blog, and now a Twitter account.  It has always been someone who has inspired me to take the steps to each one; a former boss suggested LinkedIn, I began following an old high school friend’s WordPress blog, and more recently, I have been observing some Twitter feeds by a few friends.  Now that I have established a reasonable online presence professionally, it was time to get a Twitter account.

So, with this post, I am introducing you to my Twitter, which will be a companion to this blog; @5StarLeadership.  It will not be a mirror of this blog, although I will be sharing posts on Twitter.  @5StarLeadership will contain some expanded content; quotes, anecdotes, quips, wisdom, chats, banter, etc., along with reTweets of interesting Tweets from others.  The Twitter’s feed will be posted to the right of this blog’s main page, but I would love for you to follow me on Twitter.  Somehow, only twelve hours since I started on Twitter, I have 12 followers; granted, two of them are two of my daughters, and one of their boyfriends.  But, I have some interesting people already following.  I hope you will join them and follow.  Remember, good leaders are also good followers.  And, pass the word!!!  Share this with all of the people in your social network.  You have found value visiting Command Performance Leadership, I’m sure they will find value in it, also.

I appreciate your readership of this blog, and hope you will continue this journey with me.  THANK YOU!!!

Dale R. Wilson

5 Responses to “My Blog Is For The Birds”

  1. Good decision, Dale, especially for building your new business. It’s a great conduit for new readers.

    A suggestion: Let people read your blog through Kindle. I didn’t understand why people would pay for a free blog, but they’re paying for the convenience.

    One more little revenue stream for those of us struggling with self-employment.


  2. David Navarre Says:

    I have avoided Twitter so far, but have heard better things about Pinterest as a way to drive readership. That said, I haven’t done anything with Pinterest other than allowing people to share my blog using it.

    In your WordPress dashboard, go to Settings and find Sharing. From that your can drag-and-drop to add icons to make it easier for people to share your blog. I have no idea if anyone’s shared my blog that way, but will likely try doing it with yours if you add the buttons!


    • David, Thanks for the recommendation on Pinterest. I don’t want to get too carried away with this online social monster media. On my blog’s posts, I do have most of the popular ‘sharing’ buttons, including Pinterest, for those who want to share it in their respective social arenas. In fact, quite a few Tweet, Facebook and Google post from my blog. For that, I am enormously grateful. Your WordPress statistics can tell you how your ‘sharing’ is going for your blog. And, when you peak in to your blog’s pages and posts in real-time, you can see the count-up’s of those various ‘shares.’ Thanks for your comment, and your loyal readership.



  3. […] are many people, like myself, writing about the topic of leadership everyday on blogs and on Twitter.  In nearly all of what you will find written or discussed, and what is most important to […]


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