I had planned a post to commemorate the 237th birthday of the United States Army. But, this post celebrates and honors the occasion much better than I could. As a Nation, we are grateful for the Army’s service and sacrifice.
**Additional resource celebrating the U.S. Army’s 237th birthday can be found at the following link:
237th Army Birthday ~ America’s Army: The Strength of the Nation – June 14, 2012:


HOOAH!!! (It’s an Army thing)


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  1. Thanks for reblogging this post. It’s very well done and perfect for the occasion.


  2. Just writing with the hope that your dropping off of the blogging map is a sign of something good in your life. I just wanted to let you know that your presence is missed and send good vibes your way.


    • All is fine, Rick. I offer no excuses, as they are similar to the waste in the landfill. However, I do admit an unacceptable distraction has taken me off focus, and I am going to quickly resolve it. Suffice it to say, I have acquired a form of procrastination that is fuelled by this distraction. I’ll call it electronic media and information overload. Nonetheless, it must be resolved through action on my part.

      Having said that, I am flattered that you have reached out to me to express your concern and care. Your loyalty as a reader of my blog is enormous, and is much appreciated. You are not the only blogger friend who has expressed such concern, and each of my loyal readers deserve much better than this; they expect it. But, let’s think of it as a form of vacation and retooling, and let’s move forward and upward. It shall be like washing your car after having not done so in quite some time. Now, we are clean again. New post is forthcoming; today, or at the latest, tomorrow!


      Dale R. Wilson


  3. I look forward to your posting, but truly, I have no expectation or wishes for anything other than good will and wishes for you. Beyond the blog, I’ve found you to be a nice person and just wanted to reach out just in case. Be well my friend.


  4. Umm, I have expectations… I miss your words of wisdom. OK–no pressure. JK


    • From a writer like yourself, I expect that. It is that standard that I will strive to reach. I take your sincere sarcasm as a call to action. My reader’s expectations should be not only my motivation, but what I deliver on each and every day; each and every post; each and every word. Thank you for your loyal readership. I will earn your keep. Thanks for your moral support and guidance.


      Dale R. Wilson


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