The Time Has Come to Vote

It has been very interesting to watch each of the candidates show us why they are the best choice, and why we should favor them over their rival.  They have campaigned to convince us that their style is better than the other’s.  As we watch each candidate’s attempts to influence our decision, we begin to form our opinions about each one.  We try to do this in an unbiased fashion, but each of us has our own personal preference of one over another.  In the final analysis, we have to look at each of the candidates and make our decision on who is the very best selection.  We want to pick a candidate that will inspire and motivate us, while demonstrating to us their true ability to lead.  It comes down to the candidate who possesses strong character, integrity and leadership.  The time has come to make our final vote.

No, I’m not talking about the Presidential election between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.  I am talking about the rival spirit spots between the service PSYacademies parodying PSY‘s song and video, Gangnam Style.  With over 500 million views on YouTube, Gangnam Style has taken over the World.  Leave it to the Air Force Academy, Naval AcademyUnited States Military Academy at West Point, Coast Guard Academy and Merchant Marine Academy to perform PSY-Ops to battle the mania.  In the last month, each of the academies have offered their version of Gangnam Style in spirit spots to coincide with football games, school activities and time between classes to just release some energy.

This blog post is meant to take a break from the hype and noise of the presidential election to entertain you with each of the five Gangnam Style spirit spots.  But, in the spirit of our democratic process this election season, I wanted to present the videos to you for your vote.  Psephology is the study of results and other statistics relating to elections (especially with a view to predicting future results).  But, PSY-phology is the study of which Gangnam Style spirit spot is the best among all of the military academies.

Watch each of the videos.  After you’ve viewed them, I want you to vote for your favorite one.  I want your unbiased opinion.  For example, although I am a Navy guy, I have voted for a rival video, as I think it is the best attempt at mimicking the original, while being humorous, unique and showing strong school spirit and pride.  Using that criteria, I want you to vote for your favorite.  Below the five videos is an election ballot.  The time has come to vote; to vote for your favorite military academy Gangnam Style spirit spot.

The United States Naval Academy –

The United States Air Force Academy –

The United States Military Academy at West Point –

The United States Merchant Marine Academy –

The United States Coast Guard Academy –

Now that you have viewed all five candidates, the time has come to vote.  Please use the voting ballot below to exercise your civic and democratic duty.  Which Military Academy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ Video has Earned Your Vote?

I’ve got to be honest with you, the song, to me, does not get old.  In fact, these spirit spots have reinforced my liking of the song.  By now, I would be absolutely exhausted from it.  The analogy of being exhausted from it all fits well with this year’s presidential election.  I have had enough of the speeches, debates and cable news ‘talking-heads’ fighting it out in our 24/7 news cycle.  This election process has gone on long enough; ENOUGH ALREADY!!!  I can’t wait until the election is over.  November 6 cannot come soon enough.

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2 Responses to “The Time Has Come to Vote”

  1. What a great collection for history. As I reviewed them before my voting, carefully assessing the strong and weak points, the style and creativity, I don’t know how anyone couldn’t vote for USNA.

    But I’m just sayin’


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