The Winds of Courage Will Push Us Forward

A tattered flag flies over the Union this morning.  It is split right down the middle, from its blue field of stars to the red stripes that would typically tie us together.  The winds of the storm may have taken us in another direction; but only temporarily.  We must trice up and move forward.  Be prepared to face the challenges ahead, and do not falter.  It shall be the winds of courage that move us in the direction we must go.  There will be no retreat.  Guided by faith, we will march toward a victory that today may seem so far away.  Fight on!  As an American, I will expect nothing less of you.

11 Responses to “The Winds of Courage Will Push Us Forward”

  1. Thanks my friend. I needed that.
    I will fight on. It’s in my nature.


  2. […] The Winds of Courage Will Push Us Forward […]


  3. I have never felt so tattered. Our vaunted melting pot has turned into a cauldron. I never knew so many people hated me until BHO became my president. This is about as much fun as sticking my tongue in a fan.

    Though, I suppose I’ll have to stick my finger in now, and then my toes.


  4. Jennifer Olney Says:

    Fight on and we will prevail. We are fortified by our comment to personal responsibility and our ability to follow our path to greatness. Thank you.


    • Personal responsibility, unfortunately, has become so fragmented in this Country / society (example: legalizing marijuana). As I have said before, “what is wrong has become acceptable, and what is right is extreme.” I think our Country’s foundation has been shaken and fractured, and I am not talking about the results of the election when I say that.


      • Jennifer Olney Says:

        No, it’s not the election but has been coming for a long time. The groundswell has been happening across the country for many months. We are divided and fractured. We need to get back to fundamentals in this country.


  5. We must believe that Character matters, Values matter, Truth matters…in the end. The fight will sometimes wane. We may grow weary. We may fear defeat. But victory will be ours because our cause is just.

    “Let us not grow weary in well-doing” Galatians 6:9

    We are not perfect, but we are on the side of righteousness.


  6. This got me pondering. All of us know our world is divided by many religious views. Although I may not agree with them, I respect individual beliefs or faith. The baffling thing is that they all think they’re right. Perhaps they should form a committee, a panel of religious leaders, coming together to make the world a better place. Rather than bicker about who had the “true God” they could redirect their efforts towards something that mattered.


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