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Spirituality in War: Victory Through Faith

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Sunday’s Spiritual Quote

“There is no substitute for the spiritual, in war.  Miracles must be wrought if victories are to be won, and to work miracles men’s hearts must…be afire with self-sacrificing love for each other, for their units, for their division, and for their country.  If each man knows that all the officers and men in his division are animated with the same fiery zeal as he himself feels, unquenchable courage and unconquerable determination crush out fear, and death becomes preferable to defeat or dishonor.”[i]

Major General John A. Lejeune, USMC

from The Reminiscences of a Marine


The true strength of the men and women of our armed forces is their faith in themselves and in others; faith in their skills, their abilities and their resources.  They must have faith and courage to overcome adversity during the chaos of war and the constant struggles of military life.  Faith is the bedrock of teamwork, and General Lejeune’s quote speaks to the power of esprit de corps, and one’s solidarity and devotion to the love of victory over defeat for themselves, their teammates, their unit, and their country.  Therefore, it is one’s faith that becomes their secret weapon, and prayer is the secret battleground where victories are won.[ii]

Faith is confident assurance concerning what we hope for, and conviction about things we do not see.  Through faith we perceive that what is visible came into being through the invisible by faith.

Hebrews 11:1


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[i] The Reminiscences of a Marine. Major General John A. Lejeune. Philadelphia, PA: Dorrance and Company, 1930. Chapter Fifteen, Nancy, Marbache, Colombey – Les Belles. p. 307. Hathi Trust Digital Library ( Web. Date Accessed on 10 Feb. 2013.

[ii] Prayer Is the Soul’s Sincere Desire – By James Montgomery (1771-1854) – Words written in 1818 at the re­quest of Ed­ward Bick­er­steth, who want­ed them for his book, Trea­tise on Pray­er.  Mont­gom­ery called this “the most at­tract­ive hymn I ev­er wrote.”

Photo Credit:

Lt.Gen. John Archer Lejeune (1867-1942) – Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune website –


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Moral Courage and Faith to Become a Leader of Character

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Quote of the Day

“Make us to choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong, and never to be content with a half truth when the whole truth can be won.  Endow us with the courage that is born of loyalty to all that is noble and worthy, that scorns to compromise with vice and injustice and knows no fear when truth and right are in jeopardy.”

Excerpt From the Cadet Prayer, United States Military Academy, West Point

Quote of the Day By General John A. Lejeune

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13th Commandant of the Marine Corps
(1867 – 1942)

“Leadership is the sum of those qualities of intellect, human understanding, and moral character that enables a person to inspire and control a group of people successfully.”

Lieutenant General John A. Lejeune



A United States Marine Corps MBA

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Quote of the Day

Robert J. Stevens

“I did not learn about leadership in business school. I learned about leadership when I was 18 years-old and first introduced to the United States Marine Corps, where leadership is not taught by a favored professor in a three-credit hour course.  It is taught by every officer and every NCO in every minute and every hour of every day, in every action, every word, every deed, and every circumstance.  And, in that experience, you are immersed in a culture of excellence that is built on a foundation of virtue and value.”

Robert J. Stevens, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Lockheed Martin, and United States Marine Corps Veteran


Robert J. Stevens Mini Biography

Robert Stevens, at age 18, enlisted in the United States Marine Corps after graduation from McKeesport High School in western Pennsylvania in 1969. He reported to Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island and graduated as the Outstanding Marine of Platoon 3073. He also was the recipient of the Outstanding Recruit Award for the 3d Battalion given by Leatherneck Magazine. Based upon Mr. Stevens’ performance in boot camp, he was meritoriously promoted to lance corporal.

Upon completion of training as a forward observer at Camp Lejeune, Mr. Stevens was assigned to the 2d Field Artillery Group, FMF Atlantic and subsequently transferred to WESTPAC where he joined 3d Battalion, 12th Marines in Okinawa. While with 3/12, Mr. Stevens was assigned to an infantry company in 2d Battalion, 4th Marines, and as part of the Special Landing Force, traveled to Vietnam and the Philippines. In 1972, he finished his two years of active duty with the III Marine Amphibious Force, FMF Pacific and was honorably discharged in 1975 with the rank of corporal.

Following active duty, Mr. Stevens enrolled in Slippery Rock University and graduated summa cum laude in 1976 receiving the Distinguished Alumni Award. He subsequently received graduate degrees in engineering and management from the Polytechnic University of New York, and, with a Fairchild Fellowship, earned a master’s degree in business from Columbia University while pursuing a very distinguished career in the aerospace defense industry culminating as chairman, president and CEO of the Lockheed Martin Corporation, retiring in 2013.[i]


Marine Corps Heritage Foundation Award

Robert J. Stevens’ remarks at the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation Awards Dinner receiving The General John A. LeJeune Recognition for Exemplary Leadership on April 28, 2010

Developing Leaders: Perspectives from Lockheed Martin

Bob Stevens, Chairman and CEO of Lockheed Martin, talks about the strategy for developing leaders. Stevens was a keynote speaker at the Center for Leadership, Innovation and Change (CLIC) launch on October 1, 2010


Source and Footnote –

* Inspiration for this post came from reading an article on CNN Money entitled, “10 Fortune 500 Military CEOs.”  Robert J. Stevens’ frame can be found HERE.

[i] Chairman Robert J. Stevens – 2017 Admiral of the Navy George Dewey Award – Naval Order of the United States – – Accessed 10 November 2017 –


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Heroes and Bragging

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“You know the thing about heroes?  They don’t brag”*

– Senator John McCain


Biography of a Humble Hero and Leader –

John McCain – United States Naval Academy Graduate (1958), Naval Aviator, and survivor of the 1967 USS Forrestal fire.  In October 1967, while on a bombing mission over Hanoi, he was shot down, seriously injured, and captured by the North Vietnamese. He was a prisoner of war until 1973. McCain experienced episodes of torture, and refused an out-of-sequence early repatriation offer. His war wounds left him with lifelong physical limitations.  He retired from the Navy as a captain in 1981 and moved to Arizona, where he entered politics. Elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1982, he served two terms, and was then elected to the U.S. Senate in 1986, winning re-election easily four times, most recently in 2010.


*Interview with John McCain – The O’ReillyFactor – April 30, 2012

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McCain: Obama ‘Politicizing’ Bin Laden Death (video) (


Source of Biographical Information –

John McCain – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – Page Modified on 3 May 2012 at 03:40 – – Accessed 3 May 2012 – Wikipedia –


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Commemorating The Success of SEAL Team 6 One Year Later

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Quotes of the Day Dedicated to Navy SEAL Team SIX and their Successful Mission on May 1, 2011 to Kill Osama Bin Laden


“Let your plans be dark and as impenetratable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.”

“Kill one, terrify a thousand.”

– Sun Tzu, The Art of War


“We want to be in a situation under maximum pressure, maximum intensity, and maximum danger.  When it’s shared with others, it provides a bond which is stronger than any tie that can exist.”

– SEAL Team SIX Officer


“Even in great pain, faced with the test of their lives, they had the ability to step-outside their own pain, put aside their own fear and ask: How can I help the guy next to me?  They had more than ‘fist’ of courage and physical strength.  They also had a heart large enough to think about others, to dedicate themselves to a higher Purpose.[i]

– Eric Greitens, author of “The Heart and the Fist – The Education of a Humanitarian, The Making of a Navy SEAL,” discussing BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL) Training


Footnote –

[i]Leadership Secrets from a Navy SEAL” – By August Turak – Posted 9/16/2011 – – Accessed 1 May 2012 – Forbes Online –


For those who are visiting from the blog Lean Leadership looking for the Chief Tecumseh post, please click HERE – “Chief Tecumseh’s Words of Wisdom (from Act of Valor)”.


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Employee Empowerment in the Decision-Making Process

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Quote of the Day
“Leaders know that complex issues resist elegant and easy solutions.  They must consider the views of others and recognize that disagreement does not mean disrespect.”
*Tommy Franks, retired U.S. Army 4-star General, was the U.S. General leading the attack on the Taliban in Afghanistan in response to the attacks of September 11, 2001.  He also led the 2003 invasion of Iraq and the overthrow of Saddam Hussein.  His last Army post was as the Commander of the United States Central Command, overseeing United States Armed Forces operations in a 25-country region, including the Middle East.  General Franks succeeded General Anthony Zinni to this position on 6 July 2000 and served until his retirement on 7 July 2003.
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What Will Your Leadership Legacy Be?

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Quote of the Day

“And when at some future date the high court of history sits in judgment on each of us, recording whether in our brief span of service we fulfilled our responsibilities to the state, our success or failure in whatever office we hold, will be measured by the answers to four questions: First, were we truly men of courage…Second, were we truly men of judgment…Third, were we truly men of integrity…Finally, were we truly men of Dedication?”[i][ii]*

John F. Kennedy

* Address of President-Elect John F. Kennedy Delivered to a Joint Convention of the General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, The State House, Boston, January 9, 1961. Also know as the “City Upon a Hill” speech.

Audio and text of this speech can be found at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum online HERE AND audio with historical perspective can be found at The Speeches of President John F. Kennedy website HERE.

Footnotes –

[i] Montor, Karel. Naval Leadership: Voices of Experience. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute, 1987. p. 3.

[ii] Barnes, John A. John F. Kennedy on Leadership: The Lessons and Legacy of a President. New York [etc.: AMACOM, 2007. p. 217.
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Some Spiritual Leadership from General George S. Patton, Jr.

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Here is a timeless quote from one of the greatest Generals in history, General George S. Patton, Jr.:

General George S. Patton Jr., U.S. Army General, 1940s Premium Poster“Urge all of your men to pray, not alone in church, but everywhere.  Pray when driving.  Pray when fighting.  Pray alone.  Pray with others, Pray by night and pray by day.  Pray for the cessation of immoderate rains, for good weather for battle.  Pray for the defeat of our wicked enemy whose banner is injustice and whose good is oppression.  Pray for victory.  Pray for our Army, and pray for peace.  We must march together, all out for God.”

George S. Patton, Jr.

Quote of the Day by Admiral William F. Halsey, Jr.

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William F. Halsey Jr, PHOTOThere are no great men. Just great challenges which ordinary men, out of necessity, are forced by circumstances to meet.”*

William F. Halsey, Jr. (1882-1959) – Fleet Admiral



* Also quoted as, “There are no extraordinary men… just extraordinary circumstances that ordinary men are forced to deal with.”

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