Reading the Professional Soldier (Part Deux)

Yesterday, in an attempt to customize the URL for my most recent post Reading the Professional Soldier, I may have inadvertently removed the original link that was sent by email to the followers of this blog.  Some of my loyal readers who clicked on the link in that email may have gotten the dreaded message, “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.”  The purpose of this post is to ensure that those followers who attempted to get yesterday’s post get to its true destination, and have the opportunity to read it.  I feel the post (and reblog) is very good, and I highly recommend that you go and read the articles that are linked from it.  Ultimately, I feel you can’t miss a beat of what Command Performance Leadership has to offer, and that is why I felt obligated to resend this post.

Thank you for your loyal readership!!

Here is the link to the article:

Dale R. Wilson

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