The U.S. Navy’s ‘Year of the Chief’ Kicks Off

The post, The United States Navy Chief Petty Officer ~ Established April 1, 1893, has become one of the most popular posts on this blog.  Since I posted it on Friday night, it has had over 1,000 page views, and many comments and “Likes,” as well as over 750 Facebook shares.  Since the topic is hot, and many who frequent my blog share the heritage of the Navy Chief, as well as those who have served in the United States Navy, I wanted to share with you some relevant and timely news and information about how the Navy is celebrating this special occasion.  Below, you will see an article posted today on the Navy’s website about the kick-off of “The Year of the Chief.”  Following the article, I have compiled a variety of links to various articles about celebrations around the Navy to commemorate the 119th birthday of the Navy Chief Petty Officer.

Navy Memorial LogoFrom April 1st, 2012 until March 30, 2013, the Navy Memorial will be spotlighting The Year of the Chief.  This is to honor all Chief Petty Officers who have served; past and present.  The Memorial’s museum will feature displays depicting Chief life, work, history, and accomplishments.  Additionally, numerous events throughout the Navy will be held all year to highlight the Chief.  Consider this post a public service announcement.

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‘Year of the Chief’ Kicks Off

The United States Navy Memorial hosted the official kick-off of the Year of the Chief and the 119th birthday celebration of the chief petty officer during a ceremony April 2.

For the first time in history, the Navy Memorial is casting a spotlight on the history, heritage and contributions of chief petty officers.

The guest speaker for the event was Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Adm. Jonathan W. Greenert. Remarks were also given by both Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (MCPON) (SS/SW) Rick D. West and former MCPON James L. Herdt. Former MCPON Duane R. Bushey was also in attendance.

“The chief is the center of gravity,” said Greenert. “There is not a seaman, petty officer or officer out there who cannot turn and say, ‘I had a chief petty officer take care of me and get me where I am today.'”

The ceremony was attended by chiefs from across the nation who came not only to be a part of the official kick-off, but also to see the Memorial transformed into a Chiefs’ Mess, resplendent with history and memorabilia spanning 119 years.

“We are becoming a part of history today,” said West. “I see retired veterans in our midst and I am proud to carry on down a path they’ve laid for us so long ago. I couldn’t be more pleased to be spending this day with representatives from so many commands. To stand in front of a sea of fouled anchors as your MCPON, and know that we are as much making history as we are a part of it … I am truly humbled.”

After the ceremony, guests were invited into the Memorial for the cake cutting. Visitors were then encouraged to walk through the Memorial, which has been decorated to reflect historical uniforms, anchors and other iconic symbols from the colorful heritage of CPOs.

“Happy birthday chief petty officers, you’ve earned it,” said Greenert. “Absorb the moment, have a great year, remember your legacy and what got you here.”

West added his expectations and appreciation for chiefs serving today.

“You are bold and accountable, executing the Navy’s mission wherever you are, and developing the next generation of Sailors,” West said. “Thank you shipmates – including those who have gone before us and those who are no longer with us – you have served your country well and will continue to do so as long as we sail the seven seas.”

‘Year of the Chief’ Kicks Off – By Chief Mass Communication Specialist Terrina Weatherspoon, Office of the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy – Release Date: 4/3/2012 – – Accessed 3 April 2012 – (official website of the United States Navy) –


Various links to articles about celebrations around the Navy for the 119th birthday of the Navy Chief Petty Officer –

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  2. As usual, an excellent post. Thank you for your support of the military generally, and of the Chief Petty Officer, specifically, within this article. As a retired Senior Chief Petty Officer, I am grateful to you for your work and would be more than happy to welcome you into my community as an honorary CPO.



  3. As pride goes, I am honored to wear the Hat and to be called “Chief”, even though I am retired and fast approaching 60, I will always remember my son placing the hat on my head, my wife and mother putting on my anchors and my baby daughter burping on my shoulder!

    Thanks for the memories! Chiefs!!!


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